• S1 E1 Wood Crumbles35:41
  • S1 E2 Dan got overheated7:04
  • S1 E3 The George Thorogood of Radio23:45
  • S1 E4 Dan and Cathy vs The World54:56
  • S1 E5 Grave Talk22:18
  • S1 E6 For the Birds12:50
  • S1 E7 Which Half26:44
  • S1 E8 Form Recall43:35
  • S1 E9 Human Flesh in the yard19:29
  • S1 E10 Dive Bar Mahi Tacos23:32
  • S1 E11 DIY Tuna Sandwich32:34
  • S1 E12 Loose Lips and The Old Grey Lady52:10
  • S1 E13 Podcast Review9:46
  • S1 E14 Everyone Panic for a $100 bet43:42
  • S1 E15 Hola! Nacho Bell Taco Fuckface!28:26
  • S1 E16 Toni with an EYE36:02
  • S1 E17 Eggs and Oil12:14
  • S1 E18 Pizza Smile40:43

These are darker conversations about events happening in our nation as well as within our everyday lives. 

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"Is this going somewhere?"